Beginning: It all began when a few like minded gentlemen sat down to discuss the need to getinvolved to work towards the betterment of Rajput society in particular and general societyon the whole. Thus, Rajput Association Australia was born.


Culture: As someone said, “If you want to destroy a country, destroy its culture”.We may not realize but culture plays a very significant role in our lives. This is whyconnecting to our culture and assuring its transfer to the next generation is the key toprosperity that cannot be bought by any amounts of money anywhere in the world. It is ourobligation to bring awareness among our children about our history and culture, the rootswe belong to and to tell them what sacrifices were done by our ancestors who wereRajputs full of bravery, honour and generosity.

Charity: We must thank the almighty, that our ancestors and we had been fortunateenough to lead a respectful, healthy and peaceful life. We should not forget that thoughwe and our children are busy enjoying good food, getting good education and access toa decent healthcare, there are many living in misery for no fault of theirs. Thus, it becomesour duty to part with some share of our time and wealth to help the unprivileged and theunfortunate. For sun shares its light to bring life, rivers share water to quench thirst and plantsshare their fruits to provide food.

Commitment: Let us not forget where we were born and let us not forget where we areliving. For both the lands should have our commitment to add to their progress andprosperity. It should also be our commitment to protect our history from being forgottenand eventually totally wiped out from our minds.

This is what we are and this is what Rajput Association Australia is all about. At thisjuncture, we need your support, promotion and best wishes.

“Let all Rajputs collect and unite under this forum for a noble cause”.