Rule & Regulations

RAA Rules and Regulations for Members (2012)

  1. Rajput Association Australia (RAA) is a fully secular, non-profit, charitable & volunteer association committed towards betterment of the unprivileged or unfortunate.
  2. RAA offers non- transferable memberships at two levels – Focus Group Member (FGM) and Associate Member (AM).

  3. All FGM collectively form the Focus Group Board (FGB) which is the prime decision making body & responsible for assuring democratic, transparent, efficient & focused working of RAA.

  4. RAA is a fully democratic association. All decisions are taken by majority voting in FGB.
  5. Focus Group Membership is strictly by nomination forwarded by existing FGM & seconded by another existing FGM. This is then confirmed by majority voting in its favour by existing Focus Group Members. The total strength of FGM cannot be more than 11 members. Nomination to FGM can only be done in case of FGM spot falling vacant due to demise or resignation or where the membership cease to exist due to any collective disciplinary action taken by Focus Group Board against any one or more Focus Group Member (FGM).

  6. Associate Membership is an open membership that can be attained by filling up an application to membership form issued by RAA.

  7. To be eligible for any membership to RAA you must be a Rajput, residing in Australia, 18 years old or above and of good morals & character.

  8. All members are required to pay a non-refundable annual fee when applying and subsequently every year thereafter if they wish to continue with their membership. At present the membership fee is AUD100/- per annum.

  9. All members are encouraged to renew their annual membership within four weeks after their membership had expired. Failing to do so may lead to automatic discontinuation of their membership.

  10. Any member proved guilty of any crime or fraud in any Court of Law will immediately lose membership from RAA.

  11. FGB will meet every three months to discuss achievements in the past, future challenges, finance, accounts and any other issue as considered relevant concerning RAA. All FGM are required to attend minimum of three meetings per year.

  12. FGB is obliged to present an annual progress report of activities, future plans and finances of RAA at the Annual General Meet that would include a family dinner paid by each member attending for fundraising purpose for further charity. All members are encouraged to attend this with their families to exchange their views & grievances concerning RAA. This meet will be an opportunity for cultural get together and to uncover any hidden talents within the members and their families.

  13. All members will receive a half yearly newsletter via email.
  14. All constructive views are welcomed at RAA. However, each Member is required to show respect to other members in every form and in all meetings. Members should refrain from using any indecent language, gesture or behaviour. It is a forum for a noble cause attained through discussions and not through arguments.

  15. Any member can present a case to Focus Group Board (FGB) for possible charity by RAA. This must be supported by attested documents proving the need for charity. FGB will Approve or disapprove the application on a case to case basis. It may ask for further evidence to be provided. FGB’s decision will be the final. The recipient of charity should not be directly related or employed by the member.

  16. All records of Charity done through RAA will be kept as a property of RAA. This can be in the form of hard copy, soft copy, video or as considered appropriate by RAA.

  17. All views and comments expressed by any member of RAA at any forum or social media will be their personal and RAA will not be responsible or liable for any outcome because of these views or comments. RAA will only release its official views through statements on its letterhead duly signed by its President, Secretary and Treasurer holding office at that time.

  18. Letterhead of Rajput Association Australia (RAA) can only be used & signed by President, Secretary, Treasurer or any member of RAA authorized by Focus Group Board (FGB).

  19. All disputes in RAA will be put tabled and settled at FGB meeting.
  20. All members will agree and abide by all the above Rules & Regulations.


The information contained in this section has been compiled in good faith for your convenience. However, neither the Rajput Association Australia (RAA) nor any of its office-bearers or members accept any responsibility arising in any way (including negligence) for errors in, or omissions from, the information. If in doubt, you should approach the RAA for clarifications.

You may use this information for your own personal use or to inform others about the RAA, but otherwise the information may not be used, copied, reproduced, altered or transmitted in any form without the prior written approval of the RAA.